Flight Training in Charleston

Learning to fly and obtaining your pilot license is a dream for many people.

Let’s get started on that dream today!

Flight Training in Charleston

Achieve the dream in less time and at reduced cost, using 21st century technology and our professional flight instructors.

Flying isn’t difficult – it’s just different, and different is fixed through repetition. We learn everything through repetition, and that includes flying an airplane. Unfortunately, airplanes are terrible classrooms – it’s a noisy and anxious environment with so much to learn. An airplane is also a relatively expensive classroom. At CHS Flight School, we think that is a needless expense.

Instead of an airplane, CHS Flight School will teach you in a full-motion simulator what you need to transfer to the airplane. Our syllabus was created by us to take full advantage of the strengths of a simulator. You get the repetition in the sim until each task is second-nature, then you go out to the airplane to do the same thing.

You learn it in the sim, you fly it in the airplane – it’s that simple. This reduces the (expensive) time in the airplane. No one can tell you how long it will take you to learn to fly, since everyone learns at a different rate, but we are confident that it will take you less time here, because the simulator will get you prepared much more quickly.

We are the original flight school that integrated  a full-motion simulator with primary flight training. Our professional instructors can help you achieve your dream of being a pilot- come by and see us!

Begin Your Flight Training in Charleston Today!

Flight Training News

We Have Changed Our Name!

You may have noticed that we have changed our name from Charleston Flight School to CHS Flight School. It was pointed out that we may be confused with another flight school with a similar name and we really didn't want that. We are easily the largest and busiest...

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Calculating Your Weight & Balance

We are so used to loading everything up into the SUV and driving off without a thought that it can surprise us that we can't do the same thing in an airplane, but it's true- airplanes are weight restricted and those restrictions are ignored at your great peril.And...

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Kirk Bray, Distinguished CFI

  We are screamingly proud of our own Kirk Bray, who the AOPA recognized as a Distinguished CFI for 2018. Kirk has been one of the mainstays of our group for several years now and has earned a solid reputation as one of the best CFIs in this part of the country....

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