A Flight School that Makes Learning Easy!

Pilot Training in a Simulator!

Save money and finish quicker when using the flight simulators. A flight instructor is with you the whole way.

Pay As You Go!

No recurring monthly fees.

Multiple Locations!

  • Charleston Intl. (CHS)
  • Charleston Exec. (JZI)
  • Summerville (DYB)
  • Georgetown Co. (GGE)

CHS Flight School

Prepare for Take off!

Earn Your Pilot License the Right Way!

At CHS Flight School, learning to fly is made simple and stress
free. You’ll have a full motion simulator incorporated in your flight training. The simulator lets you:

  • Learn and practice safely
  • Reduce costs
  • Learn by repetition in a low stress environment
  • Pause and replay as you go
  • Learn at your own pace and gain confidence
  • Experience real motion and movement
  • Get your pilot license

Learning to fly in a plane is expensive…fuel costs. When you learn to fly in a simulator you save money. The simulator will quickly prepare you to fly one of our planes. Experienced pilots can brush up on flying skills and apply sim time to your rating.

Live the life, CHS Flight School can get you up and flying in no time.

The team at CHS is truly amazing. They are personable, professional and very experienced instructors. If you have been dragging your feet trying to get your instrument rating, give them a call. It’s been the most rewarding flying done yet in my 15 years and 1,000+ flight hours.

-Michael Bullock, December 2019

No matter what your goal is, CHS Flight School has a program for you.

From Private Pilot to CFI, we have the instructors, airplanes, simulators, and experience, from first flight to an aviation career. Here are your steps:


Everybody starts here. This is where you learn the basic skills you need to fly an airplane, whether just locally for fun, for business, or vacation trips with the family. Our syllabus coupled with our simulators has proven to be an industry-changing method for generating more new pilots than anyone else in the area. With more planes, simulators and instructors than any other flight school in the state, there is virtually no down-time in your training process.


Having your Instrument rating will increase your flying time by allowing you to ignore a lot of the weather that would otherwise ground you. If you plan on flying for a living, it’s a must-have, but even if you don’t, the new skills you learn make you a more precise aviator, and you can do it in half the flight time with our syllabus and simulators.


Want to fly as a career? Your Commercial rating is your next step. Here is where you will display your mastery of systems, regulations, and advanced maneuvers. You will need to accrue 250 flight hours before you are eligible but there is not as much time dedicated to training as there is to just going out and flying, which is the whole reason you started this anyhow.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI):

Once you have your Commercial rating, you still have a lot of flying to do to get your Air Transport Pilot rating (ATP), so most people become Flight Instructors. You will learn to fly from the right seat and even more advanced maneuvers, but the biggest part will be to share your joy of flying with a new crop of pilots.

No matter what your aviation goals are, CHS Flight School can get you there, and we can do more quickly and less expensively than any other flight school in the state. Come by and let us show you how we can get you in the sky!

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