As you know, IFR6 has been a phenomenal success from the very beginning, with a success rate approaching 99%. In the last 7 years, we have received numerous requests for an accelerated commercial course, and we are now happy to announce that we have finally created a three-day program for the Commercial Pilot rating. Like our IFR course, our Commercial program will include our innovational use of our full-motion simulator for repetition to rehearse Commercial maneuvers to proficiency prior to doing them in the airplane.

The course layout will be familiar to our IFR6 clients- all morning in the sim (FAA allows for up to 50 hours of training in the simulator for the Commercial rating), all afternoon in the airplane, and includes three days of training with a checkride scheduled on Day 4. The price is $3999 in your airplane or $5999 in our airplane- both options include the price of the initial checkride.

Of course, there are prerequisites:

– 230 hours total

– completed written knowledge test

– valid Medical

– 10 hours Complex/TAA

– Complete aircraft logbooks for the airplane you will be flying including a current annual inspection

Our IFR6 program is one of the best in the country and we are working for our Com3 to be just as successful. Please contact anyone at CFS for more information.