Bulletin Board

From CHS Flight School

TSA Requirements

To comply with TSA requirements, all new customers who receive flight training must present either:
1. US passport showing U.S citizenship
2. Birth certificate and government issued ID

Non-citizens must apply to TSA. We’ll help.

Student Pilot Briefings

Please visit our blog and read these articles when directed by your CFI:


  1. TSA Requirements in Pilot Training
  2. He’s Talking About You!
  3. New Student Pilot Process
  4. Proof of Concept
  5. The FAA and the AATD
  6. Learning to Fly

Before First Flight

  1. What Does”Maintain Runway Heading” Mean to YOU?
  2. Pre- and Post-Flight Inspections
  3. Do You Fly or Are You a Pilot?
  4. Logging Time (Sim and Otherwise)
  5. Positive Exchange of Flight Controls
  6. Turbulence and You

Before Solo

  1. Your First Solo

Before cross-country

  1. Runways and Radios
  2. Fuel Reimbursement For Your Rental

Before Solo x/c

  1. The Area Forecast Discussion
  2. Cross Country Flights

Before Checkride

  1. Briefing the Pax
  2. Goodbye PTS, Hello ACS

Two More Airplanes Added To Fleet

CHS Flight School is happy to announce the addition of two more airplanes to the CFS fleet. We have just acquired N47560, a Piper Cherokee and N65003, a Cessna 172, giving us a total of seven airplanes, and we have more on the way- stay tuned!. 

Welcome to CHS Flight School!

We are the pioneers in cutting-edge flight training and we are happy that you’re here with us!

This bulletin board will allow CFS to disseminate information to all of our clients. The notes are all color-coded:

  • Blue – Pilots receiving instruction
  • Green – Renters
  • Orange – Everybody
  • Yellow – Temporary or time-limited messages
  • Gray – Instructors
  • White – Admin

Please feel free to call your instructor or the staff with any questions you may have at 843-478-4334.


  • Alex Hicklin, First Solo, June 14
  • Shaun Highsmith, First Solo, June 15
  • Alex Cowlin, Private Pilot, June 16
  • Sean Schaffer, First Solo, June 17
  • Greg Dreisen, Instrument, June 19
  • Steve Peck, Private Pilot, June 21
  • Jordan Smith. Instrument, June 25
  • Greg Groth, Instrument, June 27

CFS Now Offers Accelerated Commercial Pilot Course

If you plan on flying for a living, you will need to get your Commercial rating and since our IFR6 course has been so successful,  we have decided to add a 3-Day Commercial course (Com6.)  Like IFR6, there will be some prerequisites, such as a completed written test. Please contact any CFS CFI for details.

CHS Flight School at DYB

We now have an airplane based at Dorchester County Airport to make it easier for our Summerville-area customers, a Piper Cherokee, N15800. It is IFR-certified with a Garmin 650 and rents for $140 per hour, wet. We will also be adding a Cessna 172 towards the end of June. Hopefully this will reduce the commutes to our location at CHS, which can be longer than the actual flight lesson. Customers will still have to travel to our office for simulator sessions.

CFS Fleet

N65615, Cessna 172, Garmin 430W, Garmin G5 stack, $140

N522SK, Cessna 172, Garmin 430W, $135

N517DL, Cessna 172, Garmin 430W, $135

N5256L, Piper Cherokee 180, $135

N15800, Piper Cherokee, 160hp, Garmin 650, based at DYB, $140

N47560, Piper Cherokee, 160hp, Garmin 430W

N65003, Cessna 172

N53794, Cessna 172, Garmin 430W, Garmin G5 stack, $140

Paperwork for Renters

For renters, we will need copies of:

  1. Your pilot license
  2. Medical Certificate
  3. Government issued ID
  4. Last Flight Review
  5. Rental agreement (below)
  6. Airplane checkout
  7. Credit card IF you plan on returning airplane outside of normal office hours

CFS Aircraft Rental Agreement

Briefings for CFS Renters

Please visit our blog and read these articles:

  1. Fuel Reimbursement For Your Rental
  2. Pre- and Post-Flight Inspections
  3. Do You Fly or Are You A Pilot?