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Spin History

Spin History Airplane spins have always fascinated, and alarmed, most pilots. In the early days of aviation, they were considered as an unrecoverable and fatal maneuver and it wasn’t until the early part of this century that some brave aviators developed the theory of...

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Cross Country Flights

Cross Country Flights There are lots of different reasons to fly, and everybody has their favorite, but for me, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the cross-country flight. When you are a student pilot, cross-country flights are required in order to get your license. I...

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Proof of Concept

  Proof of Concept Since the day we opened our doors, Charleston Flight School has been sending the same message to as many people as we could: flight training has changed drastically with the advent of high-quality training devices, often referred to as flight...

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The FAA and the AATD

The FAA and the AATD There has been some news lately about the FAA’s new approach to using flight training devices. Specifically, the FAA Legal Department wants to reduce the hours that can be counted against actual airplane time. There has been an avalanche of...

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Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly In my last blog, I discussed the basic argument for using any kind of training device to assist in pilot training. Over the course of my next blogs, I went to discuss training information more specifically. We've been using a full-motion AATD (which we...

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