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How long will it take me to learn to fly?

Everybody learns differently and at a different rate. The FAA requires a minimum time of 40 hours of training, but the nation-wide average is almost twice that. Since we use a full-motion simulator, we can accelerate your training and get you finished more quickly. In fact, the FAA allows some of the simulator time to be counted against your required flight time, so it is possible to get your Private Pilot license in just 37.5 hours

How much does it cost?

The cost is directly related to the time it takes to finish- time is truly money with flight training. You will pay for your instructor (CFI) and airplane rental as you go. If you finish with the minimum hours, you will pay approximately $10,000, but most people take more time to finish.

Can I use my GI Bill for flight training?
The G.I. Bill cannot be used for Primary Training (Private Pilot) at any flight school but it can be used for ratings after that, such as Instrument, Commercial, etc. at a Part 141 school or accredited college. We would be happy to show you how we can help you get your Private rating and then move on to a place that will accept VA benefits for the remainder of your training.
How is CHS Flight School different from other flight schools in the area?

Here are just a few reasons that we are the largest and most successful flight school in the area:

  • CHS Flight School three FAA-certified sims so scheduling availability is never an issue.
  • There are no membership fees or other administrative fees that get added to your bill.
  • We send more people to successful checkrides than any other school in the area.
  • Our CFIs are experienced and are dedicated to helping you get your license as quickly as possible.
  • CHS Flight School has the largest fleet of airplanes and CFI staff  in the area, so you won’t get bogged down or delayed due to CFI or airplane unavailability.
  • WE ARE THE ORIGINALS – in fact, we are so successful in integrating a simulator with flight training that we go to other flight schools throughout the country to teach them how to properly use their sim.
Are your airplanes available for rent after I get my license?

Absolutely! What’s the point of having a license and not being able to fly? We encourage our pilots to take family and friends to explore the area. Perhaps breakfast in Myrtle Beach, lunch in Savannah, overnight in Orlando? Most locations can be reached in half the time it would take you to drive there. Travel by air is the best way to go- no speed limits, no traffic jams, a straight line course, and the scenery can’t be beaten!

How about ground school? Do you have books?

Yes, we offer a kit that includes all the books you will need. You and your CFI will come up with the plan that’s best for you. 

What Ratings Can I get?

At CHS Flight School, you can go from zero to Certified Flight Instructor, and qualify for a full-time job as a CFI with us until you get the hours you need to move on to the airlines. You can also earn your CFII (instrument instructor) rating as well. Or, you can stop anywhere along the way- the choice is yours!

How Do I Start?

That’s the easy part- just call us at 843-478-4334 and we’ll get you on your way. The best way to explain how we train is to show you- meet our staff, look at our airplanes, and take the simulator for a spin. Come by and check us out- we will get you started on the road to your pilot license.

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