If you are one of those who wants to concentrate solely on a soft-field without having to consider the length, you can always go to Triple Tree (SC00)- now THERE is a grass strip you can love! This field is 7000′ long and 400′ wide, and its surface is reputed to be smooth as a pool table. It’s a little bit further out and not a public airport, so you have to make arrangements to get in, as you do for all private airports, but they do host a Breakfast Club every July and they have an increasingly popular fly-in every year, plus some other events.

Their Triple Tree Fly-In is a week-long event that attracts hundreds of visitors and has the feel of a major fly-in, with colored dots on the runway and a temporary tower. They offer camping space, cook-outs, and plenty of airplanes but no fuel, so you need to keep that in mind when you plan.