Charleston Flight School has probably one of the more unique fuel reimbursement programs in the country. All airplanes are rented here “wet”, which means the fuel price is included in the rental price. That’s easy to handle when the airplane is used for an hour or so flight lesson, and returns to CHS at the end of every flight.

But how does Charleston Flight School handle those situations where the airplane is refueled at the pilot’s expense at other airports? Just bring the receipt back and you will get a credit for the amount you paid, up to the amount we pay to Atlantic Aviation here. For example, if we are paying $5 a gallon here, you will receive that much back- if you buy 10 gallons at $6 per, you will only get credited for $50 even though you paid $60.

This is typical of almost every place that rents airplanes in this country. However, this is where Charleston Flight School has its own unique policy- if you save money buying fuel, the owner of the airplane will split the savings with you 50/50.  Using the same example of buying 10 gallons of fuel, if you pay $4 a gallon, for a total of $40, you will have saved the owner $10, which means that $40 you spent will translate into a $45 credit. Other expenses like a ramp fee or other miscellaneous charges are not covered. Additionally, the owner will not reimburse you if you add oil, as oil is provided here at Charleston Flight School .

There is one caveat and it is crucial- you must provide the original fuel receipt when you check in the airplane. If you turn the plane in after-hours, then you must leave it in the airplane box, and make a notation on the Hobbs Sheet. If you want a copy, we suggest you take a photo of it with your smartphone or other camera.

Failure to provide the receipt will result in not getting a reimbursement, so it’s worth turning in with the airplane. Our airplane owners have also made it worth your while to shop for cheaper fuel, which is a rarity in the aviation world.