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CHS Flight School

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Pilot Training that Fits Your Needs

At CHS Flight School, we know that flying a plane is your dream and we are here to make that dream come true.

In 2012 Michael McCurdy made learning to fly easier and more affordable. This was the
beginning of CHS Flight School. We threw out the 50 year old manual on how to fly and
developed our own syllabus. Using the Redbird flight simulator, you learn to fly before you ever get in a plane. The simulator lets you:

  • Build muscle memory through repetition
  • Learn and practice safely on your schedule
  • Feel real motion
  • Experience high quality visuals
  • Learn quickly
  • Save money

A flight instructor is with you every step of the way.

As a result of training on the simulator, you are guaranteed that on your first flight in an airplane, you are the active pilot. You will only need occasional input from your instructor.
The response to our approach is phenomenal. We have become one of the most successful and largest flight schools in the state.

We get people flying more often than any other school in the area.

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How We Do It?

I bet the real question you’re asking is: how much will it cost me to get a Private Pilot License?

The quick answer: it depends.

  • It all comes down to how many hours you need to be prepared for your checkride . CHS Flight School makes the process as low cost and seamless as possible.
  • Students learn in our full motion Simulator before they get into an airplane.
  • In the Simulator you practice what has already been taught. This is where you save the most money because you aren’t spending hours practicing in the airplane.
  • The Simulator is where you can take as much time as required to build good habits and routines. Everything you learn in the Simulator will be transferred easily to the airplane.
  • The complete training process is made as stress free as possible. It’s understandable that new students are nervous when they get into a small airplane for the first time. It can be a confusing, nerve racking environment that is not conducive to learning.
  • With the CHS Flight School Private Pilot Syllabus, students follow a structured path that divides time between the sim and the aircraft.

CHS Flight School:

  • Our Simulator center is located at our corporate office at 5900 Core Rd., Ste. 102, N. Charleston, SC 29406 near near Charleston International Airport (CHS) .
  • We have instructors available at Charleston (CHS), Georgetown (GGE), James Island (JZI) and Summerville (DYB) airports.
  • Training for all ratings is available
  • Our integrated airplane training with a full motion simulator saves you up to 50%
  • The latest full motion sim provides:
    • New skills training
    • Maneuvers training
    • Takeoff and landing training
    • Emergency training

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