Running late for your flight lesson? it might be worth a few dollars to call your instructor and let him know. Sometimes there is no way around being late because stuff happens- a wreck on the road, lost car keys, an unscheduled train- but people who are chronically late end up costing their CFI money and can rob time from other students as well.

Instructor policy varies, but most will start their clock when a student is scheduled to be there, not when they actually arrive. Please make sure you contact your CFI if you are running late- it will be greatly appreciated! If you are one of those people who always seem to be running behind, you might consider a different time-management strategy. Setting a strict schedule and being out on time no matter what might seem unreasonable, but a little prep the night before, such as pre-packing your car or flight bag, will make the entire process smoother. I have seen instructors actually drop a student altogether because of consistent tardiness, so please, help them out and let them know if you can’t make a scheduled time.